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3-Pack Mighty 'Mato Florida/Gulf States Mix

 3-Pack Mighty 'Mato Florida/Gulf States Mix

3-Pack Mighty 'Mato Florida/Gulf States Mix

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Weight 2.00 lbs
Package Size 50mm Paper Pots
Price: $19.95
When the heat gets turned up, most tomato plants stop producing. As daytime temperatures get into the 90s and nights are in the 70s or warmer, tomato plants may keep on blooming, but the flowers often fall off and fruit does not set. However, there are heat-tolerant varieties that adapt better to heat stress. Here are three different tomato varieties that are up to the challenge:

Anahu - Produced by Hawaiian tomato breeder Dr. Jim Gilbert from Hawaii. Very productive determinate variety that produces 2 to 3-inch, round, red fruit with very sweet flavors. A good choice for hot & humid climates. Determinate. (90 days)

Costoluto Genovese - Heat-loving, Italian heirloom tomato that has been enjoyed for generations along the Mediterranean. Large, deep-red fruits are deeply ridged, and heavily lobed. Meaty, full-flavored, slightly tart, and delicious. Because of its scalloped edges, perfect for use in an arrangement of different colored sliced tomatoes. Makes a rich and pungent pasta sauce. Indeterminate. (78 days)

 Homestead 24 - Great for hotter growing regions in the South since this variety sets fruit even in hot weather. Big, leafy vines produce huge amounts of smooth, red, round fruits with good taste. Determinate (81 days)

NOTE: Your grafted Mighty 'Mato plants are shipped in 2" plantable pots (as pictured on the right). Minimum order is any combination of three vegetable plants. Please note in comment box at time of order, which ship week is preferred:  Mar 17, or Mar 31.

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