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3-Pack Mighty 'Mato First-to-Ripen!

 3-Pack Mighty 'Mato First-to-Ripen!

3-Pack Mighty 'Mato First-to-Ripen!

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Weight 2.00 lbs
Package Size 50mm Paper Pots
Price: $19.95
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Want to be the first in the neighborhood with ripe tomatoes? Here is a super selection that includes one of the world’s earliest tomatoes! Because these are such early varieties, they are good choices for shorter and colder climates, but are also suitable for southern regions where harvests occur before insects and diseases become a problem. A GardenLife exclusive! Here are three different tomato varieties that will leave your fellow gardeners "red" with envy:

42 Days - One of the world’s earliest tomatoes! Small, compact plants produce 1 oz bright-red, salad-sized fruit, sometimes with slightly pointed end. Most of the first fruits are seedless. Expect lots fruit with a sweet, excellent tomato flavor. There are almost more tomatoes than leaves on this precocious variety.  Determinate. (42 days)

Juliet - Juliet is an award-winning grape-style tomato with heavy yields of sweet, true red, 1-ounce oblong fruits. They bear early and unlike many other grape tomatoes, they are resistant to cracking. Indeterminate. (60 days)

Fireworks - Sometimes early-ripening tomatoes lack the flavor of later-ripening types. However, Fireworks produces an explosion of flavor as one of the largest and earliest red slicing tomatoes available on the market. Fruits are 2 1/2-inch, 8-12 oz. and round (sometimes with a pointed end). Determinate (60 days)

NOTE: Your grafted Mighty 'Mato plants are shipped in 2" plantable pots (as pictured on the right). Minimum order is any combination of three vegetable plants. Please note in comment box at time of order, which ship week is preferred:  Mar 17, Mar 31, April 21 or May 12.

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